About Me

I grew up in Los Angeles, but since graduating high school, my experiences have taken me to a variety of different destinations. From studying History and Film at Emory University in Atlanta, to working as an EMT in Oklahoma City, to teaching English and designing a curriculum at a middle school in China, I have enjoyed finding myself in new places and picking up new things every step of the way.

Following these experiences, I worked as a tutor for a diverse range of students in the Bay Area and found getting to help students on an individual level extremely rewarding. Since starting ThinkWrite, I have continued to spread the love of learning I have developed over the years, and in pursuit of furthering my own learning, have recently attained my Masters in Education from the University of Oregon.

In approaching my students' learning, I strive to take into account the many different types of learners that exist in a classroom. It is my job to prepare materials that incorporate elements of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning that give all my students the chance to be successful no matter their learning style. I also prioritize finding ways to accommodate the various personalities of students— about how to appeal to the eager kids in the front of the class with their hands raised for every question, and those in the back who oftentimes respond to a sense of humor.

Everyone learns in their own way and has certain preferences about the way they like to take in information. This is something I see as a compelling challenge: how can I get my student to be enthusiastic about the material in front of them?

Something that I firmly believe, is that almost anything can be interesting. So, when a student is looking at an assignment and is bored by what they see, that is what motivates me to teach. I want to make the material relatable to my students, and craft an approach that works for them, so that they can draw connections and see how important, and how fun, education is. I’m excited to work with students, find out what makes them tick, and help them to become life-long learners.

Joel S.